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50,000 LB Extra Calorie or 15 LB of Fat Burn

According to Sciences, we burn up to 50 extra calories an hour. If we stand for 5 hours a day for five days, that’s around 1250 calories burned over the course of a year. It would lead up to 50000 cal burn
If we put that in activity level, that would be the equivalent of running 17 marathons a year just by standing up in your daily work or fun

Sitting Disease

According to research, here are nine adverse effects on the body that can occur from sitting too long
1- Colon Cancer ( 66% increase )
2- Back and Spine injuries (33% of the spinal compress )
3- Slower brain function ( Lack of oxygen )
4- Permanent round Shoulder
5- Depression and Anxiety
7- Chronic Fatigue and Low energy Expenditure
8- Heart Disease
9- Premature Death

Standing For your Health

Standing has been scientifically proven to burning more calorie than sitting. more Oxygen intake to your lung improve blood flow through the regions of the brain linked to the critical thinking and memories. Enhance new Brain cell with greater concentration and productivity
LapFree Stand out to design a Versatile Compact Standing Computer Desk Foldable, Portable and Hand Frees

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The Benefit of Get Up Stand Up Sit Les, Get Up, Stand Up Have a positive impact and Benefits on our Mind, our Body and Health By using this Inova trice Standing Computer Desk Hand Free LapFree


Standing Increase more oxygen in the brain region increase your energy and productivity levels, lower your stress and improve your mood.



Standing more can boost your metabolism, tone muscle and even reduce common arches and pains



Standing more can lower your risk of serious health issues from cancer to early mortality

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Head and neck Traumatic tingling texting position

A human head weight about 12 lbs. Research shows that bending your head down to the 60* degree typical texting position can make your head weight about 60 lbs. We spend about 800 – 1500 hours on our smartphones every year, so putting that much stress on our necks and spines just by bending our 8for that long can cause permanent rounds shoulders
Lapfree created a hand free selfie stick with corrective postures to help you reverse the side effects of head bending texting

Our body is design to stand up and move.

The reason standing is right for your Body is because when you stand up, there are many muscle use in the process. It consumes sugar and affects triglycerides. which could, in turn, lower cholesterol
Standing more often could reduce your diabetic level and heart disease risk


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